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If you are interested in a puppy, please copy and paste the following application in an e-mail and send it to:



Full Physical Address:

Phone Number:

E-Mail Address:


1.) Are you interested in a puppy we have available now, or a future puppy? If you're interested in a puppy we have available now, which puppy or puppies are you interested in?


2.) If you are looking for a future puppy, around when are you considering adding a Dalmatian puppy to your life?


3.) Do you have a preference for gender? (CLICK for More Information On Gender Considerations)


4.) Are you interested in a shortcoat or longcoat puppy? (CLICK for Longcoat VS Shortcoat info)


5.) Are you only interested in LUA puppies, or would you consider a HUA puppy? (CLICK for LUA vs. HUA info)


6.) Tell me about your plans for this puppy. Will he/she be a companion only? A support or therapy animal? Are you interested in doing agility, obedience competitions or hunting with your Dalmatian? Are you interested in showing? Are you interested in breeding?


*for those interested in showing/breeding only. I will only sell breeding rights/full registration to those who have done their research. If you are seriously interested in showing or breeding, please tell me about why you want to show/breed. Please tell me about the research you have done and any experience you may have with raising animals. Do you know what the terms recessive, heterozygous and homozygous mean in terms of genealogy and do understand how these terms apply to breeding Dalmatians?


7.) Have you ever owned a Dalmatian before? If so, tell me about them :)

8.) Please tell me a little bit about what you know about the Dalmatian breed

9.) What pets do you currently own? What are their ages, are they spayed/neutered and how do they feel about puppies?

10.) Who will be living with this puppy? Who will be caring for this puppy? Please tell me a little about your family :)

11.) Do you have a fenced yard? If no, how do you plan to meet this puppy's need to run on a daily basis?

12.) Do you plan to crate train and take this puppy to obedience classes? Will you utilize a trainer if needed?

13.) If you can no longer care for this puppy, what would you do with him/her?

14.) How did you hear about Paradise Spots Dalmatians?

15.) Please provide either 1 vet reference or 3 personal references. Please provide their name, relationship to you and their phone number.

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