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LUA-Low Uric Acid (N/Hu, N/N):

LUA starts for low uric acid, which really just means normal uric acid. Dalmatians with one or two copies of the LUA (or normal uric acid) gene are unaffected by the genetic defect called hyperuricosuria/High uric acid. Only one copy of the normal "N" gene is necessary for the dog to be free from hyperuricosuria. LUA Dalmatians have normal levels of uric acid and they are not prone to forming the kidney and bladder stones and other problems that be caused by hyperuricosuria. LUA Dalmatians can eat a normal diet. LUA Dalmatians are the result of an outcross project and were accepted into AKC in 2011. You can read more about LUA Dalmatians and the backcross project that created them HERE  N/Hu Dalmatians, if bred, will have a 50/50% chance of passing on either the HUA(Hu) or LUA (N) gene to their offspring. N/N Dalmatians, if bred, will pass on the LUA (N) gene to 100% of their offspring.



HUA-High Uric Acid (Hu/Hu):

Most Dalmatians are HUA. Up until 2011, all AKC registered Dalmatians were HUA. HUA means high uric acid. These dogs are prone to forming kidney/bladder stones and they need a diet low in purines, lots of water and frequent potty breaks to prevent this problem. By following the instructions detailed HERE, owners can greatly decrease the chances of a Dalmatian forming stones.  HUA Dalmatians are genetically recessive for the hyperuricosuria defect, therefor, if two HUA (Hu/Hu) Dalmatians are bred together, 100% of the offspring will be HUA. Only by breeding with a N/Hu or N/N LUA Dalmatian can a HUA produce LUA offspring.

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