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How to Purchase a Paradise Dalmatian Puppy

Step 1-RESEARCH: So you want to add a Dalmatian to your life? Dalmatians are no doubt a majestic and beautiful breed. They are not, however, suitable pets for every family. Dalmatians are highly social and they can be clingy with their owners, often earning them the label of "velcro-dog". They are a high energy breed, meaning they need to -run- on a daily basis, especially puppies and young dogs. Without this outlet for their energy, as well as diligent training and socialization, they may act out. If given proper exercise, socialization and training though, they are a silly and intelligent breed all their own, who will leave pawprints on your heart so long as you live. Please be sure to do ample research about the Dalmatian breed and make sure they are right for you PRIOR to submitting an application!


You will also want to consider some preferences. Remember, the more open you are, the more flexibility you have to choose the dog with the personality that best suites your family and lifestyle!

               *Male, Female or Either?

               *LUA or HUA?

               *Longcoat, Shortcoat or Either?

               *Light, Medium, or Heavy Spotted? 

               *Limited/Pet Only or Full/Breeding/Show Rights

Step 2-CONTRACT REVIEW: Please review our contracts, make sure you understand and agree to our conditions of sale and decide if you are interested in purchasing a puppy with limited(pet only) rights or full(breeding/show) rights. Full registration is -only- available on select, bilaterally/fully hearing, LUA puppies that I feel can contribute to the Dalmatian breed. I reserve the right to choose which puppies I will offer breeding rights with.

               *Limited Registration/Pet Only Contract

               *Full Registration/Breeding/Show Rights Contract

Step 3-APPLICATION: If you are interested in adding one of our puppies to your family, the first step is to fill out our application. This application helps me get to know you more and helps to determine if a Dalmatian is right for you and, if so, it helps me determine which of my puppies would best suite what your family wants and needs. You can submit your application at any time. It is recommended to join our waiting list as soon as you are ready, since picking order is determined by the order deposits are received in.

Step 4-DEPOSIT/PAYMENT: Once your application is approved, you may pay a non-refundable deposit of $300 (which goes towards the purchase price of a puppy) to either reserve one of my puppies or a spot in the picking order for one of our current litters. 

  • *Available Puppies-Click here for more information

  • *Payment Methods-For payment methods, I accept PayPal and Venmo.

  • Please inquire for current waiting list


     Each family and each puppy is unique. Choosing your puppy will be a process that I will help you with. I evaluate the needs and desires of your individual household vs. the personality of each puppy and I strive to match each puppy with the perfect home. This is very important to me and so, if I do not have a puppy that is right for someone in the litter they placed a deposit on, I offer the option of transferring your deposit to my next litter. We DO allow people to remain on our waiting list for years, if needed, and we do NOT charge any extra fee for staying on our waiting list.


     The AKC has several wonderful articles on the topic of preparing for your new puppy's arrival! I would recommend reviewing the following articles (Click the links below to open)

Step 7-PLANNING YOUR PUPPY'S TRIP HOME: We require all of our puppy buyers to meet us face to face upon taking possession of your puppy. We do not offer third party shipping options (we do not use ground transport companies or flight nannies and we do not ship puppies as cargo on airlines). We DO, however, have several other great options available for getting your puppy home! We just like to be able to meet all of our puppies' new families face to face!

  • *We are located in Salem, Missouri (about 2.5 hours southeast of St Louis)

  •  *Most puppies can go home as early as 8 weeks of age, unless I feel they need extra time with Mom and Siblings. Some puppies may need to stay a few extra weeks, especially if they are on the smaller side.

  •  *The average 8 week old Dalmatian puppy is around 10-15 lbs. The average 12 week old Dalmatian puppy is around 15-20lbs.

  •  *Pickup at our house is largely preferred.

    • -I can accommodate most pickup dates/times provided we plan in advance. I do have school age children and their activities schedules to work around however.

    • -When traveling with your puppy, be sure to bring bottled water, towels and cleaning supplies in case of an accident or car sickness. The puppy will likely sleep most of the drive. If you are traveling alone, bring a travel crate for the puppy for their safety and your own.

  • Shipping

    • Airport Meetup: Meeting you at the St Louis Airport with your puppy, for a $50 gas fee, is also an option. You can then fly back with your puppy in cabin. For this you would need to buy a soft sided carrier, book your plane ticket and pay a fee for your puppy to travel on the plane. Avoid using delta.

    • Ground Delivery: We may be available to personally deliver your puppy for an additional fee. Contact Steven for a quote at (573)715-1694. He handles all of our travel plans!


Step 8-After you bring your puppy home:

               -Please stay in contact and send updates! If you experience any problems, even if it is years down the road, we want to know about it and help you through it! Getting updates on our puppies is also important because it helps us make good, informed breeding decisions for future generations! Calling Kristen at (573)453-6658 or Steven at (573)715-1694 directly is ALWAYS best in case of urgent matters!

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