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Waiting List

If you are interested in purchasing a Paradise Spots Dalmatians Puppy, please submit an APPLICATION. Once your application is approved, you may submit a deposit to reserve your puppy or your spot in the picking order. Official picking order is based off the order of deposits received. The nonrefundable deposit amount, which goes towards the price of a puppy, is $300. In the event that there is not a puppy that fits what you are looking for in the litter you place a deposit on, I do still offer the option of transferring deposits to future litters. However, I do ask that you not commit with a deposit until you, your family, your living situation and your financial situation are all ready for you to bring a puppy home.

Puppy Cost (no breeding) *there is also an additional 6.475% sales tax*

Prices are affected by conformation to the Dalmatian Breed Standard. 

HUA Shortcoat Females/Males -$1000

LUA Shortcoat Males/Females-$1800

All Longcoat puppies-$2100

​​BREEDING RIGHTS POLICY (Breeding Rights will be $2400) *there is also an additional 6.475% sales tax*

Due to too many people attempting to breed Dalmatians with coat length being the only or primary consideration, I am no longer willing to sell ANY of my longcoat Dalmatian puppies with breeding rights. Maintaining wide genetic diversity and breeding with more than just coat length in mind is highly important for the future of the longcoat Dalmatian population. I am still willing to sell breeding rights on select dogs with diverse pedigrees that carry ONE copy of the longcoat gene. Breeding out hyperuricosuria (HUA) is also highly important for the future of the entire Dalmatian breed. Therefor I will ONLY be offering LUA puppies with breeding rights.


We do have a spay/neuter contract and we do require proof of the pet's alteration unless breeding rights are purchased at the original time of sale.

I will not sell breeding rights to just anyone. I will only sell breeding rights to HONEST and DRAMA FREE individuals committed to responsible breeding practices. OFA health testing and CHIC # must be obtained PRIOR to the dog being bred. I will not sell my puppies to new, first time breeders UNLESS you can demonstrate that you have done ample research and are prepared to handle the responsibility of breeding dogs. I will only sell to existing breeders that BAER test all of their puppies, offer good support to the owners of their puppies and provide high quality care to their breeding dogs and puppies. You must be prepared to send me pictures of your setup and show me the kind of life my puppy will have with you. You must agree to keep the dog for its entire life, or work with me to place the dog in a quality, loving pet home after retirement. All progeny of any Paradise Spots Dalmatian dog must be BAER tested, regardless of the distance the breeder must travel. 

LAST UPDATED: 3/20/2023


Available Puppies: CLICK HERE

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