My Mission

     At Paradise Spots Dalmatians LLC, our focus is on producing healthy Dalmatians with sound temperaments. We strive to raise dogs that are well socialized and well mannered family companions. We give our puppies the best start possible by raising them using puppy culture methods and we potty train using a variation of the Misty Method. Our puppies are started on crate training (overnights) starting at 6 weeks of age. At Paradise Spots Dalmatians LLC, we strive to produce puppies with the LUA (normal uric acid) gene. We are proud to raise both shortcoat and longcoat AKC registered LUA Dalmatians. Though having long hair still currently disqualifies a Dalmatian from competing in conformation shows, it is my hope and my dream to one day see them accepted into the AKC breed standard as they are a naturally occurring coat variation that has historically been a part of the Dalmatian breed for at least 100 years.


Our girls synchronize their heat cycles, so most of our litters tend to be born close together, between October and March (fall and spring). Dalmatians are the only breed of dog that we raise.


All of our puppies come with the following (unless otherwise noted)

  • -BAER hearing tested by Dr. Don York in Ballwin, MO

  • -Examined by our vet (Mid Ozark Animal Health Center in Salem, MO)

  • -Current on shots/wormer/heartworm and flea/tick prevention

  • -Microchipped (owners must register the microchip in their name with AKC reunite for a one time fee of $20--very important!!!)

  • -Socialized with cats, children, other dogs and approved visitors

  • -Lifetime breeder support


All of our puppies come with a "starter kit" containing the following items (unless otherwise noted), to help them get started in their new homes. If a puppy is being shipped, the starter kit will be mailed separately (the cost is included in the price of shipping).

  • -A collar

  • -A leash

  • -2 bowls

  • -a small bag of food

  • -potty bags

  • -treat jar with treats

  • -several toys

  • -a blanket with mom/siblings scents

  • -a binder with:

    • *shot/medication records

    • *proof of vet visit

    • *microchip registration information

    •   *a copy of the puppies' BAER hearing test results with signed OFA submission form

    • *limited AKC registration (unless otherwise discussed. Full registration/breeding rights are available only after proof of passing OFA hip and thyroid tests are sent to me after age 2 and all offspring must be BAER hearing tested. Papers will be held until testing is done)

    •  *training, socialization, general care information

    • *information on preventing stones (for HUA Dalmatians)

    • *Dalmatian friendly dog treat recipes

    • *signed 2 year genetic health guarantee (with the option to keep your dog and receive a free replacement puppy if any crippling and/or disabling hereditary defects are visible by 24 months of age)



We welcome visits and, if possible, we encourage you to come meet the puppies in person before choosing one! For our safety though, we do require that all visitors submit an application (with a copy of your driver's license) prior to their visit. For the protection of our puppies (who have incomplete immunity to deadly and highly contagious diseases like the parvovirus), we do not allow visits until after the puppies have had their first set of shots, at 6 weeks of age. This is also for the comfort of our girls, who do not always feel comfortable with strangers touching their babies while they are younger.

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