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     Daisy was the first Dalmatian I picked out and purchased with the intention of breeding. She was 8 weeks old when I got her in 2010. She is retired now to grandma status, but we kept two of her daughters (Gypsy and Flicker) and one of her granddaughters (Faith). Daisy is one of the friendliest, most affectionate dogs you will ever meet. Everyone that meets her loves her. She is gentle and patient and unbelievably perceptive and responsive to human emotion and mood. She is my best friend and my heart dog.


Daisy crossed the rainbow bridge in 2022. Spinal arthritis eventually stole her ability to stand up. She was the best dog ever and I wish we had had more time with her. She's been gone over a year and I still cannot write about her without crying.  I am grateful that a part of her will continue to live on through her descendants bloodlines. Honeybee and King are her Great Great Grandchildren. Even so, for as long as I live, my heart will fiercely miss my Daisy girl.

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