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Oh, my sweet Faith. Where can I even start about her? It would have to be with her loyalty to me. Out of all my dogs, she has to be one of my most faithful dogs(she was well named). She loves me completely and I am her world. Her utter devotion to me is humbling and so touching. She loves my whole family, of course, but Faith was born and raised in a time where I was single and alone often. And so she became much like her grandmother Daisy before her--my dear friend. Faith is retired from breeding now. She spends her days now by my side as much as possible (and waiting for me when it's not). Back in February of this year (2023) she helped me raise an orphaned litter of puppies. Words cannot do justice when describing how grateful I will always be to Faith for her help during that time. She has always been there for me, my sweet Faithful Friend. I am blessed to have her love.

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