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     Gypsy was bred by, born and raised with us. She is the daughter of Daisy and Zeke and the mother of Faith. Gypsy, though HUA, was the mother of our very first LUA litter!

Gypsy is very much "my dog". She is very attached to me and she is very loyal and obedient. She has a very sweet and patient disposition and she is my son, Parker's, favorite dog :) Aside from me, she adores my children and will happily follow them around, patiently playing the role of "lost dog", "dog to the rescue" and "dress up dog". She is a fantastic family companion and does not chase cats. She is friendly with strangers, but she can be a little aloof, as she prefers her family over strangers and she distinctly knows who she belongs to.

Gypsy is retired from breeding now. She enjoys spending her days laying around our house, being lazy and being in charge.

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